• 5 Times Longer Lifetime

    An integrated Battery Management System (BMS) protects the high-quality components used and provides a significantly longer lifespan than the Lead-acid equivalent.

  • Lower Cost per Round

    Not only does the increased lifespan reduce replacement battery costs, but the more efficient technology utilises less power and costs less to charge.

  • Super Lightweight

    Weighing between 2.5kg (Standard) and 3.2kg (Extended), a Litepower Lithium battery is over 75% lighter than the equivalent Lead-acid battery.

  • 5 Year Warranty

    Buy with confidence thanks to a market-leading 5-year limited warranty (1-year with Lead-acid batteries).

  • More Compact

    Significantly smaller than the Lead-acid equivalent, a LitePower Lithium battery has been designed to offer maximum compatibility.

  • Quicker Charging

    Both LitePower Lithium capacities can be re-charged from empty in less than five hours and remove the hassle of long charging periods.

Welcome to LitePower...

No matter which trolley you use, the LitePower Lithium battery offers the perfect alternative to replace a traditional heavyweight and cumbersome lead acid unit.

The LitePower Lithium range is available in two sizes to cover 18 or 36 holes. The smaller of the two batteries will easily power a single motored electric trolley round 18 holes and is capable of up to 27 holes on most courses in normal conditions. The larger 36 hole model is ideal for the serious golfer who plays more than once a day and is also a comfortable 18 hole model for twin motored and remote controlled trolleys.

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